The GTC Awards 2010 Results


This is Vicky from Wikileaks (geddit?). I heard that the results of the GTC Awards 2010 were being withheld from all the vote-ters, so We(stole the) key (and) Leak(ed) the results of the awards (Geddit? We-Key-Leak, Wikileak?) So here are the results for yuvar viewing pleasure.

Vicky from Wikileaks

In Alphabetical Order, here they are as follows (Please click the images to see them full sized):

The Aa Ab Laut Chalein Award for Dear Yet Not-so-near Ones
(Winner: Sacheeta Bathija)

The ACP Pradyuman Mystery Award
(Winners: Aniceto Pereira, Mercy Abraham, Niti Ranka, Dusky)
P.S. Even we don't know what's common between them

The Billu Hairdresser Award for Facial Hair
(Winner: Sam Emmanuel)

The Felipe Massa Award for Spectacular Crashes
(Winner: Sherin Jose)

The If You Come Today, It's Too Early...If You Come Tomorrow, It's Too Late Award for Late-Lateefs
(Winners: Oscar and Christopher Abraham Varghese)

The Kartik Calling Karthick Award for Almost Schizophrenics
(Winner: Virginia Pereira)

The KRK Award For Unparalleled Achievement in Viewing Crap
(Winner: Violet Pereira)

The Modi-Tharoor Award for Social Not-Working
(Winner: Paras Sharma)

The Nooria Haveliwala Award for Road Safety
(Winner: Oscar Varghese)

The Oscar Varghese Scholarship for 'Special' Children 2010
(Winner: Christopher Abraham Varghese)

The P.S. I Don't Love You! Award for Those Unlucky in Love
(Winner: Eben Varghese)

The Shoaina Award for the Worst 'Fictitious' Couple
(Winners: Oscar Varghese and Violet Pereira)

The Virginia Pereira Award for the Best Eatery of the Last Half-Decade in
IC Colony (2005-2010)
(Winner: Choi Kim's)

The GTC Awards 2010

Too late phools, voting for the GTC Awards is now closed! Wait for the results now!


There she stood; staring into the distance… she had an air of confidence about her, like she knew what she was doing… The red beast roared, but she didn’t flinch… I watched helplessly as it drew closer to her, you could see all the lives it had claimed, but still hungry for more it trudged on… obstacles in its path, it would have to slow down… or so I hoped… so I wished… She accepted her fate and at once was swallowed whole as were many others… I wanted to cry out but my voice didn’t seem to work…

Ah well!! Maybe I’ll see her at the bus stop again tomorrow…

I Don't know..

I don’t know… that seems to be my answer for everything these days. I really don’t know. I wish I did. I think everyone of us here has heard that line “most men didn’t know what they wanted to do in their life till they were 40”. I don’t want to be 40 when I figure out what I want to do.

Not getting into the IIM’s is probably a good thing… I’m being forced to re-evaluate my life and for once actually make an informed decision. I’ve gone thru life taking things as they come, never making my own decisions. After SSC, I had good marks in math and science... Next ‘logical’ step was Science stream in college. For 2 years, I was making friends and giving exams for the sole purpose of passing them and not actually seeing them as more than just obstacles (I think majority of our population sees exams as obstacles to be surpassed, not as tools to help you get further, which is the sad state of the education system). After HSC, I KNEW I didn’t want to become a doctor, I KNEW I didn’t want to become an engineer, I KNEW what I DIDN’T WANT to be. I just didn’t know what I WANTED to be. So then again, B.Sc. was the next ‘logical’ step.

In the beginning, wanting to do my MBA was also was a part of my ‘take the next logical step’ plan. I knew I could crack the CAT or at least get a decent enough score to get into a reputed college. Imagine, wanting to do something not because I wanted to do it but purely because I knew I could crack the entrance exam. I didn’t even have clue what doing an MBA course even meant. Of course, after I started working and I had responsibilities of a Jr. manager, I realized what being a manager was about, but of course I still didn’t know if it was for me. I could do the job, no doubt about that, but was it something I saw myself doing 5 years down the line… 10 years down the line… 20 years down the line??

I don’t know

I don’t know


The GTC Awards

The moment that all of you have been waiting for but none of you are willing to show up for is finally here. This is the online Award Function of the First and only GTC Awards. Without further are your hosts, Joel Coelho and Paras Sharma...

Joel: Well good afternoon...evening..whatever...let's get this over with.

Paras: Couldn't have said it better myself! Let's get this rolling!

Joel: Haan so, here's how we're going to do this, click on the pictures and open them in a new tab and see the winner's voting details .Capiche?

Paras: And to collect your award , click the link at the end of the page....

Shopaholic of the year 08-09: Sherin Jose

Best Actor (Drama) Award: Violet Pereira

Best Actor (Romance) Award:
Sam Emmanuel

Aapan Yaana Paahilat Kaa? Award:
Adley Lopes

Best Comeback Award: Christine Johny

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna Award: Christine Johny

Hair today, Gone Tomorrow Award: Adley, Oscar and Virginia (Special Mention)

Aaja Meri Gaadi Mein Bait Ja Award for Worst Driving: Mercy Abraham

Shers of Shayari Award for Excellence in Poetry (Take some time to read their rhyme): Paras Sharma

Social Not-Working Award (Orkut/Facebook/others):
Binoy Jacob

Please Don’t Stop the Music Award for Slack-off Musicians: Violet Pereira

The Oscar Varghese Award for ‘Special’ Children: Jane Philip

Worst Fictitious Couple Award: Amit and Christine

Photogenetic Award: Paras and Sacheeta

Oscarisms we wish we’d never heard: If You Touch Yourself...


Joel: Once again, Good Afternoon, Evening or Whatever...Chalo Seeya!

Paras: Yeah... what he said.

What comes out of a mans mouth!

we have struck again. The Bible says that your Tongue is the most powerful weapon a man has.

Behold! GTC's very own Oscar(sirzombie) and joel(virtualchameleon) presents What comes out of a mans mouth!

Test or quizz??

How well do you know GTC?

Wasted as we are, we have absolutely nothing else to do and nothing to write about… AND Oscar keeps complaining how this blog has become almost defunct, so we have decided to write a quiz on how well you know the GTC. As the French would say ,”Ce n’est pas un test, s’il vous plait. C’est un quiz sur la GTC” (Eat your heart out, Alliance Francaise, Bon Appetite!!). You will write down your answers on a word document which can be sent to any of the following e-mail addresses:;;or; (P.S. don’t send it to Oscar). We will tabulate your scores and post them as comments here. Detailed reports will be available at a nominal fee of 5/- Rs, payable to anyone of the above people (not Oscar, Again). Please don’t be a cheat-ter. (if you got this joke, you will stand a good chance of doing well)

AND SO IT BEGINS (please use HB pencils)


Q.1 What does GTC stand for? (3 marks)

Q.2 Who are the founding members of GTC? (5 marks) (Automatic fail if you cant answer this)

Q.3 Who are the honorary members of GTC? (5 marks)

Q.4 Who is the GTC mascot? (2 mark) *Where did we find the mascot? (bonus 2 marks)

Q.5 Who are the oldest and youngest members of GTC? (2 marks)
Q.6 Who is the only female member for GTC? (5 marks)

Q.7 When was GTC formed? (2 marks) *Where? (bonus 2 marks)

Q.8 Name GTC’s retail outlet? (5 marks)

Q.9 Find the invisible question and answer it. (10 marks)

Q.10 Who is the butt of all jokes in GTC? (1 mark…… you know who…… and no its not voldermort)


Proceed only if you managed to answer Q.2

1 mark per correct answer

The only member who:

· Hasn’t been in a relationship

· Went to a different school (bonus 5 marks for naming both the schools)

· Hasn’t flown in a plane

· Is the oldest sibling

· Doesn’t have an MTNL triband connection

· Doesn’t have a set of wheels

· Does not have a guitar

· Has had stitches (bonus 5 marks for guessing where)

· Has never represented their school in sports

· Has maximum nicknames (bonus 2 marks knowing how many, and ¼ mark for each name)

· Plays more than one instrument

· Has had the most run-ins with college professors (bonus 2 marks for guessing how many and 5 marks for naming them)

· Doesn’t have a cell phone

· Has gone for the same movie 2 days in a row

· Has had a job (wasting time doesn’t not count)

· Hasn’t dated someone from college

· Is vegetarian (by choice)

· Doesn’t live in IC

· Has been inside a submarine

· Has been in a car-roll….. do you even know what a car-roll is?

· Has alcohol in his cupboard (You know it’s the goan)

· Had a pigtail

· Is not on Orkut (-2 if you get this wrong)

· Is not on Facebook

· Hasn’t had music lessons

· Doesn’t understand technical jargon


This part has no marks, but is a performance survey on the GTC members:

Q.1 Most likely to be in a bar brawl

Q.2 Most likely to get married first

Q.3 Most likely to be a victim of road rage

Q.4 Least likely to get married

Q.5 Member you like the most (why don’t you like the rest… huh? huh?)

Q.6 Least Approachable

Q.7 Most Approachable

Q.8 Most likely to do an item number

Q.9 Most Eligible guy

Q.10 Worst dressed

Q.11 Most likely to be hen-pecked

Q.12 Most stubborn

Q.13 Hardest to find

Q.14 Most likely to say “HUH?” after a joke

Q.15 Last to know anything

Q.16 Worst singer

Q.17 Most likely to be famous

Q.18 Most likely to run the Mumbai Marathon

Q.19 Least likely to run the Mumbai Marathon

Q.20 Most likely to look good in pink…… this is NOT a joke

Q.21 Earliest to start losing hair

Q.22 Most likely to get a tan done

Q.23 Most likely to get a tattoo

Q.24 Most secretive person

Q.25 Most likely to end up in jail

We hereby declare this blog defunct….. NOT ce n’est pas possible…… something like that only.

Rules and Regulations: Members of GTC and their family members(upto 3rd generation) are not allowed to participate competitively in this ……umm... test?!